The Room – A Puzzle Game Review

On many occasions I have heard people say that a puzzle game is the one game they just cannot stop playing. With The Room you will have some problems if you choose to try and solve the puzzles but for the most part they are there to be solved and that is what you will find with this puzzle game. The game is unique in the sense that each time you start you will have to do something different to keep things moving forward and not going back a page.

You will find that there are many features and puzzles in this game and by doing so you will be able to find yourself engrossed in the game and not give it up. The good thing about The Room is that each time you play you will not know exactly how things will be when you begin again. This is another reason why I feel that it is an enjoyable game to play.

When I first began playing the game, I found that the game was very easy. It was surprising to me because I thought that it would be a lot harder. However, I am sure it was not too hard for someone who is new to the genre of game. It was after playing a few times that I was able to get a hang of it and began to realize that I could come up with more complex solutions than the ones I first came up with.

As I began to play The Room I began to think of other puzzle games that I have played before. At first I did not recognize them as anything else, but they were similar to The Room. There are certain types of games that are easy for the new player and there are games that are difficult for the new player. I really enjoyed that they were both games that I was able to finish easily and get lost in the game.


Another thing that I liked about The Room was that you could always go back to where you were earlier in the game. If you start off by trying to figure out how to get to a particular spot, you will be able to go back and figure out how to do it. If you are playing in co-op with someone, you will also be able to share what you have figured out with them.

Many people like the fact that The Room allows you to choose from many options when choosing what type of puzzle to play. When you first start out you can choose to play the basic solids. After awhile you can move on to the ones that require planning. Each level gets harder and more difficult and you will need to use more information to get through it.

I did not find any game that has as many puzzles as The Room. There are also no level caps on how many levels you can go through. This gives you the opportunity to really get lost in the game. I am sure you will find many other things that you enjoy when you play the game.

Overall, if you enjoy a puzzle game then you will like The Room. As I mentioned before, it is very fun to play. Many people like the fact that you can continue and replay the puzzles that you have already figured out to improve your score.

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